52 North WPS


The 52°North Web Processing Service (WPS) enables web access to geospatial processing algorithms provided by Sextante, ArcGIS Server, R, GRASS 7, or custom developed functions. Algorithms may be as simple as determining the difference in influenza cases between two different seasons, or as complicated as a global climate change model.

52nWPS screenshot

Core Features

Core GIS functions:

  • SimpleBufferAlgorithm

  • DouglasPeuckerAlgorithm

  • IntersectionAlgorithm

  • AddRasterValuesAlgorithm

  • CoordinateTransformAlgorithm

Backend algorithms available through:

  • Sextante

  • ArcGIS Server

  • R

  • GRASS 7

Input and Output formats supported:

  • Vector Data: GML2, GML3, SHP files, KML, WKT (Well-known Text), DGN, JSON

  • Raster Data: Geotiff, AsciiGrid, NetCDF, JPEG, PNG, HDF-EOS, ERDAS HFA

  • Outputs can be stored in GeoServer/MapServer

A browser based client

Implemented Standards


Website: https://52north.org/software/software-projects/wps

Licence: GPL 2

Software Version: 3.6.3

Supported Platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac

Commercial Support: https://52north.org/services/

Other 52°North projects: SOS