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Web Processing Service

PyWPS provides web access to custom geospatial operations (referred to as Processes) via the Web Processing Service (WPS) standard.

Processes are written in the Python programming language and can integrate tools such as GRASS GIS, R, GDAL/OGR, proj and other libraries with Python bindings. Source data can be provided with WPS requests or accessed from data on the WPS server.

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Core Features

  • small and lightweight

  • easy and fast to install and setup

  • implemented in pure Python

  • integrates seamlessly with the Python ecosystem of packages:

    • GRASS 7

    • R

    • GDAL/OGR

    • Proj

    • Numpy

    • Shapely

Implemented Standards

OGC Standards:

  • WPS 1.0.0


Website: https://pywps.org/

Licence: GPL

Software Version: 4.5.1

Supported Platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac

API Interfaces: Python

Support: https://pywps.org/community/#professional-support