Weather forecasting

XyGrib is a Grib file reader and visualizes meteorological data providing an off-line capability to analyse weather forecasts or hindcasts. XyGrib is the continuation of the zyGrib software package with a new team of volunteers. It is intended to be used as a capable weather work station for anyone with a serious interest in examining weather. This would include members of the sailing community, private and sport aviators, farmers, weather buffs and many more.

xygrib screenshot

Core Features

  • Visualization of meteorologic data from files in GRIB format

  • Automatic download of weather and wave forecasts

  • Automatic download from IAC (fleetcode) data

  • Play animations of 8-day forecasts

  • Create your own regional weather maps (worldwide), or view a detailed quantitative forecast for a particular location.

  • Plot wind, pressure, temperature, humidity, rain, snow, cloud cover, dew point, wave height, and high altitude data.


Website: https://opengribs.org/en

Licence: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 3

Software Version: 1.2.6

Supported Platforms: GNU/Linux, Mac OSX, MS Windows

Support: https://opengribs.org/en/support-forum